Magic for Vitality, Rejuvenation, 100% Safety, Love and Prosperity for All

Why Serendipity  ?

Because the magic of serendipity is only controlable with the triangle:




This ESP-triangle evolved to the Blue Swan Theory in 2013 and simplified in a systematical Blue Swan Index ( BSI )


1+2=Fading World

1,2 & 3= Rising World ( where you can controle the Unknown IN TIME )

When it has a beginning and an end it is a project, so your life is a project.

The solution for our energy and climate problems is:

1-Nuclear Energy,Plutonium,Thorium, Fusion 100% save with the BSI

2- Energy transmission by air for everthing

3-Blue Swan Efficiency, saves a lot of energy and generates all kinds of serendipity.

This all before end of 2022.

Other triangles that shaped our future in the past:

1-Nicola Tesla's 3-phase alternate current which enlighted the world through cheap transport of current ( 1880 )

2-The transistor which ultimately made computers possible ( 1947 )

3-Finite element method which made engineering of constructions much easier with usage computers ( 1940 )

... and the one that will shape our future now, the ESP-triangle.

Since 2006 a new triangle finds its way to the world. And this is the ESP-triangle ( Efficiency, Serendipity, Project). ESP embedded in the BSI makes life easier and longer for all. And it holds more pleasent suprises.

Serendipity & Projects


Serendipity & Economy

The second triangle, Savings-Merchant- & Barter Bank, will change the economy of the future.

Serendipity & Love

See movie Serendipity with Kate Backinsale. Watch to see the Magic of Serendipity.

Serendipity & Space,Time

The third triangle, Nicola Tesla-Hugh Everett III & Andrej Markov, will change our time and space into a timeless multiworld, multiverse.

1-Nicola Tesla-Revelation assumption ( everything has already been invented, our brains are just receivers )

2-Hugh Everett III, Quantum Multiverse theory

3-Andrej Markov, there's a way to the beginning.

E=PM2 or Energyefficiency=Project x Management Method  means there's a lot of Energy ( & serendipity) in Effciency (+ Serendipity wil bring is more energy).